Lenses by ZEISS

Lens Solution

Main Features

ZEISS Main Features_1
ZEISS Main Features_2

Our Orange Base Color Range

Orange hues allow an improvement of contrasts and consequently a clearer vision, ideal in low light. Our best all round choice.

Lens Orange
Lens Silver
Lens ML-Blue
Lens ML-Gold

Lens base color: Orange
Mirror: –
Category: 1
VLT: 47,49 %

Lens base color: Orange
Mirror: Silver
Category: 2
VLT: 26,07 %

Lens base color: Orange
Mirror: Multi layer Blue
Category: 2
VLT: 36,60 %

Lens base color: Orange
Mirror: Multi layer Gold
Category: 2
VLT: 31,33 %

Our Grey Base Color Range

Dark grey offers the best protection against extremely bright conditions, glare and intense UV rays.

Lens Grey
Lens ML-Orange

Lens base color: Grey
Category: 2
VLT: 24,13 %

Lens base color: Grey
Mirror: Multi layer Orange
Category: 2
VLT: 20,40 %

Lens Structure

ZEISS Lens structure
  1. Mirror
  2. Hard Coating for mirror adhesion
  3. Lens – Color technology
  4. Hard Coating
  5. Gasket
  6. Inner lens

Lens Shape

OPTICS: The superior optical quality of the lens molds is achieved thanks to ZEISS advanced technology and expertise.

ENHANCED PERIPHERAL VISION: true peripheral vision while leaving the central viewing zone free of distortion.

VISUAL PERFORMANCE: up to 20% wider view than the one provided by normal glasses.

SAFETY: the total protection is guaranteed thanks to the quality of material and mold.

HIGH BASE CURVE: Spherical base 9 decentered lenses are recommended for wrapped around sports eyewear and utmost protection.

ZEISS Lens Shape

Environment Analysis

The Predominance of Blue Light

ZEISS Environment analysis

The analysis of the spectral reflectance of the snow shows a predominance of blue light.

The snow reflects the sky which is blue. This means that the eye is overwhelmed by blue light and it is difficult to read the shades of the snow.

ZEISS on field research also demonstrated that blue light is needed by the eye to read the snow irregularities.

It is therefore necessary to have the right amount of blue light into the eye.

Lens Solution

Read the white shades of the snow:
The lens for this environment partially reduces a portion of blue light (=lets into the lens an adequate portion of blue light).

This enables to read the different shades of the snow (instead of seeing the snow as a whole flat blue picture). The lens does not remove all the blue light because some blue light is needed by the eye to read moguls and hollows.

Contrast enhancement:
The portion of red component in the lens allows the right amount of contrast perception.

ZEISS Lens Solution_1
ZEISS Lens Solution_2

Our Lenses​

ZEISS Our Lenses Orange


SNOW DETECTOR: the partial blue light reduction enables to read the different shades of the snow.

ENHANCED CONTRASTS: the lens delivers high contrast visibility and depth perception, thanks to the red component of the light.

FILTER CATEGORY 1-2: good protection to the eye against sunglare.

ZEISS Our Lenses Grey


NEUTRAL AND NATURAL: natural perception of colors thanks to the flat shape of the spectral curve.

BLUE LIGHT REDUCTION: The blue light is gradually reduced.

COMFORT: the result is a comfortable vision without overload to the eye. Ideal for extended use.

FILTER CATEGORY 2-3: high protection against sun glare.

Vibrant Mirrors

Thanks to an advanced production process, Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens’ mirrors and coatings prove long lasting qualities. The lens hard coating contributes greatly in the quality of the mirror adhesion. In fact the QUV test shows that mirrors adhere 20% longer than some of the top goggle lenses.

DURABILITY: all mirrors have passed stringent quality tests, such as QUV test, Steel wool manual test and Eraser test. As a result, the mirrors offer a good performance in terms of scratch resistance and wearing durability.

COLOR PERFORMANCE: thanks to its light mirror effect, the
spectral curve of the base color doesn’t get significantly altered.
As a result, the performance of the tint is preserved.

ZEISS Vibrant Colors


Anti-fog lens

Fluga Goggles have great anti-fog properties, achieved using a sandwich construction – a ZEISS lens, a foam gasket and a Cellulose Acetate inner lens.

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